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Siddharth Srinivasan

Siddharth Srinivasan

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Learnings from the Past

  • August 2014

    Educational Background

    • Elementary: Indian School Al-Ghubra, Oman
    • High School: JSS Public School
    • Senior Secondary: Kumarans CBSE
    • Undergrad: PES University; B.Tech in CSE
  • Jan 2015

    PES Open Source Community

    Provided support and contributed to OpenKeyChain, an OpenPGP based keychain access and management app for Android devices.

  • Jun 2016 - May 2018

    Research Assistant - CCBD

    Proposed a Signature-less Probabilistic Intrusion Detection System targeted for microservices running inside Docker containers under the guidance of Dr. Dinkar Sitaram & Dr. Sanchika Gupta

  • January 2017

    Summer Intern - WalmartLabs

    • Analyzed keyspaces across Cassandra nodes for devising a strong backbone to load-balance across instances for better read​ and write​ performance.
    • Developed a front end for Visualizing movement of goods and trailers in real-time using Angular v4, Bing Maps & NodeJS as server backend.
  • Jan 2018 - Jun 2018

    Undergrad Co-Op

    Developed an Endpoint Scanner for the McAfee Agent Solution (MA) to obtain patterns in the usage of the MA-SDK libraries and utilities with other Platform Products. Used MSVC++ for the logic and ElectronJS for the Front-End.

  • July 2018 - Dec 2018

    Software Developer

    • Part of the Network Security Org
    • Built a seamless integration mechanism for McAfee's Network Security infrastructure with the IBM QRadar SIEM offering through Dockerized microservice
  • Mar 2019 - Mar 2021

    Software Engineer

    Core engineering team, McAfee Mobile Cloud Security (MMCS).
    Also contributed to the below product lines as part of McAfee's Device-to-Cloud initiative:
    • IPSec/GRE Site-to-Site Cloud Gateways
    • Integration of Cloud Gateways with SD-WAN vendors
    Key responsibilities include:
    • Building, maintenance of the IPSec/iKEv2 & GRE termination infrastructure
    • Auth and credential management with Cloud-Based IAM
    • Devised Metrics and Healthcheck endpoints utilized by Operations pipeline
    • Development, Unit Testing the Android customer-facing mobile application
    • Spearheading End-to-End and exploratory sessions fulfilled in collaboration with QA, Ops and UI/UX teams

  • Nov 2016 - Present

    Wordpress Blogger

    My quest to delve into topics that fascinate me, such as Design Patterns, Parallel Computing, and Security among others, has led me to collate such information into a technical blog that I maintain.

  • Sep 2020 - Present

    Freelance Instructor

    My online course targeted towards engineers and students into becoming accomplished Open-Source Contributors

Presence & Contributions

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Current & relevant Projects



Extensible CLI-based password management.

See Project
Web Sink


Web Sandbox for Android with traffic interception

See Project

Lockfree Data Structures

Thread-safe implementations using RMW primitives.

See Project
Web Sink


Online IDE providing support for C, Java & Python

See Project




My publicly hosted blog sites



Explorations during my undergrad, focusing on
Algo, Parallelism, Systems, Big Data & and Crypto.

See Blog
Web Sink


My most recent DevBlog which can expect more updates in the future course of events.

See Blog


Honors and achievements

  • April 2014

    CBSE English Topper

    Secured a maximum of 95% in the English subject in the CBSE curriculum of 12th grade

  • Dec 2017

    Prof. CNR Rao Merit Scholarship

    Secured a tuition fee waiver given to top 20% of students based on GPA cutoffs

  • Jun 2017

    Flipkart Gridlock Hackathon

    Among the top 30 teams that were selected in semi-fimals out of a total of 2030 teams

  • Dec 2017

    PES ALCODING Contest 2017

    Secured the 8th place in the Alcoding contest for all final-year students of PES University.

  • Jan 2019

    SSCC '18 Proceedings

    Successfully defended our dissertation proposing a probabilistic IDS for Docker containers

  • Jun 2020, Semi-Finalist

    Microsoft Azure Hackathon

    Towards solving the last-mile connectivity problem, I prototyped a discovery front-end for mobility service solutions in the city ( Ex. Hop, Shuttl, Yulu etc. ).

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